Personal health records app Healthspek adds legal documents repository


Healthspek, a free app that allows users to manage their personal health records, has been updated with a new feature that will serve as a repository for all relevant legal documents.

Users are able to upload living wills, powers of attorney and other legal documents into the Healthspek record, allowing for a secure and easily accessible solution for those who may need to view it. These could either be existing electronic documents or photos taken with iPad’s built-in camera.

“These documents — such as a living will — can be linked and displayed on Healthspek’s ChartNow webpage, allowing doctors or other individuals to view important documents at any time,” said Randy Farr, Healthspek co-founder and CEO. “If you are the head of a household, this can give you peace of mind that your loved ones can quickly access those legal documents, if something were to happen.”

“And if you are a caregiver, you can keep track of your mom’s daily medications, power of attorney, living will, doctor’s appointments, therapy visits and more-all on this one platform.”

The service supports dozens of “speks” that allow users to own and manage everything from vitals, charts and imaging to a knowledge library on medical conditions, prescription refills and appointment reminders, and allergy and drug interaction information. All this information is accessible through myDashboard, which is accessible 24/7 from multiple devices, anywhere in the world.

Healthspek for iPad is available as a free download and users can download it from here.