Atlas Wearables engineer hired by Apple to work on the iWatch

Atlas Wearables engineer hired by Apple to work on the iWatch

Apple keeps growing its iWatch team, having recently scooped-up Alex Hsieh from Atlas Wearables.

Mr. Hsieh was the lead software developer for the advanced Atlas wrist band, which promised to go beyond basic step tracking, and include other exercises, such as push-ups and bench press, to the mix. This in turn makes him a valuable addition to Apple’s team that includes health sensor expert Dr. Michael O’Reilly, sleep expert Roy Raymann, non-invasive medical sensor expert Marcelo Lamego, fitness expert Jay Blahnik, high tech fabric design expert Ben Shaffer, FDA approval process expert Divya Nag, and others.

According to Mr. Hsieh’s LinkedIn profile, he’ll be responsible for firmware development at Apple, and we tend to think that’s iWatch firmware development, though we can’t say anything with 100% certainty.

Cook & Co. are expected to unveil the iWatch in October. Apple hopes to launch the ultimate smart watch that will be appealing to a different set of user groups like professional athletes, fitness enthusiasts as well as those currently wearing classic (as in “non-smart”) watch. The Cupertino giant may have gathered all the pieces and we’re looking forward to see what will they come up with.

[Via: MacObserver]