SMS service to keep diabetics on right track raising funds at Indiegogo


Every day, different media in the United States reports that diabetes is making an increase of epidemic proportions. Diabetes is the seventh leading cause of death listed on U.S. death certificates. Total health care and related costs for the treatment of diabetes run about $174 billion annually. Not to mention that there are 347 million people worldwide with this chronic disease that requires strict living regiment including but not limited to: constant self monitoring, measuring blood sugar, writing it down in a log book, taking medication, and following strict dietary restrictions. All these tasks need to be incorporated in everyday life, which sometimes can be very difficult.

TraqMe provides powerful insights from the daily glucose measurements to patients and caregivers.TraqMe provides powerful insights from the daily glucose measurements to patients and caregivers. By text messages they remind patients to measure blood sugar and capture the values. Even better, they transform these into insights and provide them in mobile and responsive forms. Not requiring any app store downloads expensive Bluetooth devices, or even owning a Smartphone, company have great potential to present itself to almost every global market regarding its economy.

Here’s the features rundown:

Trends based on texting
The patient receives an SMS reminder to measure their glucose and they text it as a reply. TraqMe then responds with 3-day, weekly and monthly trends.

Family Re-enforcement
The patient’s family can follow the progress no matter where they are and know what is happening with their loved ones, regardless of location and time zone.

Meaningful Reporting for the Doctor’s visit
When the doctor’s follow-up day comes, the patient would have easily created a complete graph of historical measurements, which the doctor can use to assess the progress and adjust medications.

TraqMe users can communicate with others in their area to share ideas, educational videos and create group events.

TraqMe is currently raising funds at Indiegogo, with the goal to reach $5,000. At the time I’m writing about it, it lacks a third of that money with just a few days to go.

Delivery date is set for July 2014. The TraqMe Pioneer package cost $25. Check out the promo video below.