Move It

Mobile-connected smart home gym Move It raising funds at Indiegogo

The system is comprised of an Ab Wheel, a Resistance Band, two Push-Up Handles and a Jump Rope, all of which feature intelligent handles and sensors.

sensmi smart wristband can accurately track stress levels and sleep patterns

The device's technology called GSR-PRO tracks brainwave activity through Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) and an algorithm that disperses easy-to-understand data.

Clairy is a fancy $150 air purifier that looks like a plant pot

The device combines the power of nature and technology with the beauty of design to eliminate indoor pollution and analyze it.

Neopenda baby hat aims to improve newborn survival in the developing world

The device is designed to have the wearable ease of a Fitbit, with the medical accuracy of finger clip pulse oximeters typically found in hospitals.

LiftUp aims to reimagine strength training

LiftUp offers portable, smart home gym using resistance bands; it will automatically track your workout, analyze your progress, and do it in style.

Former Apple exec launches Cor, a home blood test device

The device is about the size of an electric toothbrush with disposable cartridges that are used to take the blood and send the data to the cloud-based service.
Neeuro SenzeBand

Neeuro launches brain training wearable at Indiegogo

The consumer-friendly EEG headband paired with a neuroscience-designed game app allows users to train their brains for a healthier mind.

Pain relief wearable device VIVY launches on Indiegogo

The device is touted as the first consumer product of its kind to utilize diathermy for deep tissue heating and metabolic effects that can promote healing.
Kanega watch

Smart watch for seniors looking for early adopters on Kickstarter

Called Kanega watch, the wearable device is easy to use, relying on speech interface rather than buttons, as well as cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity.
Sleep Shepherd Blue

Sleep Shepherd Blue will lull you to sleep for $159

This headband plays binaural beats at different frequencies into each ear to induce a meditative state, thus making it easier to fall to sleep and stay asleep.