LiftUp aims to reimagine strength training


Boston’s LiftUp unveiled a same-named smart resistance band on crowdfunding website Kickstarter. This approach, according to its makers, creates a new type of workout to strength train without the 2-hour gym commitment. LiftUp is also portable and easy-to-store, hence deemed perfect for business travelers.

Like any other smart device, this one also connects to a mobile app for guided workouts, real-time feedback, and automatic tracking of reps, strength, and calories. As usual, the idea is that quantifying workouts will somehow make them more interesting. Not sure I agree with that one, but seeing numbers, especially if they are automatically collected, does make for a more insightful experience.

Anyhow, LiftUp looks better than your typical gym equipment, boasting hardwood and aluminum design.

“Strength training is a fundamental part of a healthy lifestyle, but it’s often perceived as either too intimidating or too inconvenient,” Nick Sulham, LiftUp’s co-founder, said in a statement. “We didn’t like that, so we built LiftUp to make it more convenient and interesting.”

LiftUp launched on March 23rd and its campaign ends April 22nd.