Alex - personal posture coach

Wearable personal posture coach raising funds at Kickstarter

The device looks like a pair of neckband-style sports headphones, with the two squeezable and stretchable legs sitting on the outside of the ear.
Vu Pulse

This smart strap turns Pebble Time into a health watch

Called Vu Pulse, it was designed by the company called Tylt; the device is currently up for pre-order for $44 with shipments to beta testers starting in June.
PulseBand A6

PulseBand A6 wearable comes with advanced heart rate monitor

Beyond tracking sleep and activity, it can also deliver notifications to one's wrist, including incoming calls and messages, along with social media updates.

FitPal wearable fitness tracker features amazing heart rate monitoring tech

The device was designed by a team of engineers who have been developing Heart Rate Monitoring solutions for the professional sector for more than 20 years.

Mysotis Health Watch is made for Alzheimer’s patients

The watch has most of the features you would expect from a modern smart watch with custom software that acts like a memory box.

This $30 wearable aims to prevent food allergy accidents

AllerGuarder is a Bluetooth-powered wristband and app defense system that sends alerts about a child's dangerous food allergies.

This wearable weather station keeps users safe from the Sun

The device tracks safe sun time and tells users how long they can stay outdoors before getting sunburnt or developing skin damage.
Hexoskin Smart

Hexoskin Smart shirt surpasses its crowdfunding goal within 24 hours

The sensor-embedded shirt monitors metrics like heart rate, breathing and movement, and can sync data with popular fitness tracking.

DokiWatch keeps kids active and safe

A pre-installed app gamifies various fitness activities where a child is presented with a virtual pet that thrives on the amount of walking.

OneRing wearable is made to monitor Parkinson’s patients

The user wears a ring during the day while the information about his/her movement is transferred via Bluetooth to an iOS app, and then to the cloud.