sensmi smart wristband can accurately track stress levels and sleep patterns


A company called EmoBridge introduced sensmi, touting it as the world’s first smart wristband for accurately tracking and analyzing daily stress levels and sleep patterns to help people live a more well-balanced, peaceful life.

The device uses patented, hospital-grade bio-sensing technology, GSR-PRO, that tracks brainwave activity through Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) and a proprietary algorithm that disperses data that is easily understandable. This combination, EmoBridge claims, will provide users with straightforward results and easy-to-follow instructions on how to confront lifestyle stressors.

Sensmi is thin, water-resistant, has a long battery life and with its companion app, it accurately measures the user’s stress levels, and reports how daily activities and sleep patterns can affect their mental state. Scientific research has proven that when individuals get excited, nervous or stressed, a burst of signals from the brain fire nerves on their skin that lead to a spontaneous fluctuation of skin conductance, or GSR.

In addition, sensmi can track and record REM sleep data, providing hospital-grade analysis to help users study their sleep patterns. Unlike other popular sleep trackers on the market that base their results on movement, sensmi’s wrist band doesn’t use movement, but bio-data to track sleep patterns. The technology also utilizes “big data” results to provide users with advice on achieving a better night’s sleep, while also identifying the reasons leading to poor sleep quality, such as experiencing high stress levels throughout the day or a sudden stressful moment right before sleep.

“With our patented technology, we’re able to monitor each user’s biology to understand the psychology of their stress that is unique to them,” Dr. Jianxin Yao, CEO of EmoBridge, said in a statement. “Once we identify a user’s stressors our program takes a 360-degree approach in providing helpful ways to reduce stress to allow users to increase their ZenPoint when asleep and awake.”

Sensmi’s crowdfunding funding campaign on Indiegogo is looking to raise $50,000; a single device could be had starting from $99 USD, which is over 50% off sensmi’s retail price of $209.