Medelinked Platform updated with symptom checker


Medelinked mobile health app for Android and iOS now integrates the Medelinked Symptom Checker, which is also offered via a single aggregated Open API as part of the Medelinked Partner Development Programme.

The new feature is described as the first step on the complete Primary Care Pathway enabled by the Medelinked app. Based on the medical symptoms entered into the Medelinked Symptom Checker, it tells the patient what possible diseases they may have and directs them to more medical information along with the appropriate doctor to contact for further clarification. From here, users can also access features such as Medelinked Snapshot and Medelinked Timeline to ensure the doctor is fully informed of the patient’s health state before any face-to-face or virtual consultation.

“With the integration of Medelinked Health Checker and release of the Medelinked Health Checker aggregated open API the digital health revolution has taken another step forward,” Medelinked CEO Ian Gallifant said in a statement. “There is now a clear multi-stage integrated and connected digital pathway not only for people to take control of their health but for patients and medical professionals to engage in the most efficient and effective way from initial diagnosis through to treatment, so improving quality of care delivery and outcomes.”

Medelinked enables patients to securely communicate with healthcare professionals by via email, voice, text, video and instant messaging at any stage in the Pathway. This gives them real-time interaction for more effective consultations, recommendations and review as well as preventing unnecessary appointments that could be dealt with remotely.

Beyond messages, patients can use Medelinked to send their doctors medical reports, consultation notes, blood results, x-rays, scans and more.

The recently launched Medelinked Partner Development Program is based on the Medelinked Health Cloud that provides the infrastructure, including aggregated Open APIs and SDKs, for Medelinked partner, provider and pharma organizations to quickly build and deploy digital and mHealth apps and services.