Mobile-connected smart home gym Move It raising funds at Indiegogo

Move It

Hong Kong-based Eggplant Technologies introduced Move It, the four-in-one mobile-connected smart home gym that provides cardio and muscle workouts. Working with a companion app, the system can provide instant feedback on workouts, along with access to trainer-created workouts.

Move It comes housed in a compact stand — it is comprised of an Ab Wheel, a Resistance Band, two Push-Up Handles and a Jump Rope, all of which feature interchangeable intelligent handles and sensors that wirelessly connect each workout device to the interactive app. Each piece of equipment contains sensors that track movements in real-time and connect wirelessly to the user’s smartphone, providing feedback on exercise form, number of reps performed and calories burned. The handles also include LED lights to indicate the workout status and a battery that lasts through a week.

The companion app features pre-recorded and live workouts designed by trainers for multiple fitness levels.The app features pre-recorded and live workouts designed by trainers for multiple fitness levels with quick start options for limited time workouts. Fitness data can be tracked in real-time to allow users to see their overall performance.

Also included in the app is community connectivity to allow users to follow people’s profiles who are also live. From this section, users can find virtual “workout buddies” to workout with or to challenge them.

“We created a device that marries traditional workout equipment with the benefits of our industry leading sensing technology and algorithm to help create the future of fitness,” Ivan Ho, CEO of Move It, said in a statement. “From the living room to the boardroom, our goal is to allows millions to live a more active lifestyle no matter where they are or how stretched their schedules are without sacrificing the benefits of the comradery and inspiration of a fitness community.”

Move It is now up for preorder through Indiegogo from where users can get it for the early bird price of $159 which is 30% off its retail price.