Smart watch for seniors looking for early adopters on Kickstarter

Kanega watch

UnaliWear is launching a smart watch for seniors to guard them against wandering, while providing support for falls and medication reminders.

Called Kanega watch, the wearable device uses speech interface rather than buttons, as well as cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity so it can work even without a connected smartphone.

“It features a classical watch style without buttons, so there’s no stigma from wearing an assistive device, and it speaks to you,” Jean Anne Booth, UnaliWear CEO, said in a statement. “It helps extend a person’s independence with dignity.”

Kanega’s technology helps prevent the wearer from getting lost while driving or walking. It also makes a connection with pharmacies to automatically bring medication updates into the watch nightly. Furthermore, during an accident or medical emergency that leaves the wearer unable to move or speak, the watch notifies the monitoring operators for help.

Kanega is described as stylish though we guess that’s a matter of personal preferences. With its thick bezel, it does remind us on the Pebble Time Round. This design, according to its creators, is chosen so that it feels more natural to the wearer. Moreover, it can be customized with different wristbands and display interfaces.

UnaliWear is an investor-backed company and it’s not using a crowdfunding platform Kickstarter to bootstrap its business, but to gain some early traction. From what we’ve understood, whether the campaign succeeds or not, the Kanega watch will be made…