Clairy is a fancy $150 air purifier that looks like a plant pot


A device called Clairy is joining the modern air purifier market with a premium device that is up for pre-order for $150.

Like any other such (smart) product, Clairy works with a companion app, but it has a very different look. It is actually an Italian-made ceramic pot with built-in fans that pull in polluted air and send out clean air.

That pot, according to its designers, can clean 80% of a room’s filthy air in thirty hours (for up to 36 cubic feet) and send data on its progress to the mentioned companion app. Also from the phone or tablet, users get to control Clairy.

Why go for a pot design, you may ask? The team behind Clairy went off of NASA research which claims that many plants actually work to cleanse toxins from the air, but from their roots, not their leaves. So a plant, whose roots are covered, will only get so much cleaning done through the porous soil or rocks on top of those roots. Clairy “solves” this by taking the air directly to the roots… with the help of “good ol'” membranes.

As part of the product launch, Clairy has partnered with Eden Projects, a non-profit organization, which will be donating 10 trees for every Clairy sold after the Kickstarter campaign is over and is successful.

So are you in for a fancy air purifier that also happens to fit nicely in pretty much every room and/or office?