mapping pollution

Google releases first data of its project to map air pollution data

Users are now able to see maps for Oakland, CA of nitric oxide, nitrogen dioxide and black carbon-pollutants emitted from cars, trucks and other sources.
Airdog X5

This smart device promises to take indoor air purification to a whole new level

The Airdog X5 is a smartphone-controlled air purifier that can clean microscopic particles as small as 14.6 nanometers out of the air.

Clairy is a fancy $150 air purifier that looks like a plant pot

The device combines the power of nature and technology with the beauty of design to eliminate indoor pollution and analyze it.
Dyson Pure Cool

Dyson Pure Cool Link is fancy, connected air purifier

The powerful device is controlled with a mobile app, promising to remove 99.95% of indoor allergens and pollutants that can be as small as 0.1 microns.
AirVisual Node

Startup launches smart air quality monitor on Indiegogo

AirVisual Node has a 5-inch screen where it displays information on air quality forecasts, outdoor air quality insights and phone alerts.

AlerSense monitors the air inside your home to prevent allergy and asthma attacks

The smart device and its companion app provide asthma and allergy sufferers with precious time to remove themselves from, or alter the environment.
Mi Air Purifier 2

Xiaomi unveils the Mi Air Purifier 2 for 699 Yuan

The device features a single motor, dual booster fans, and three filter layers which combined deliver an effective range of up to 39.6 m2.

Small air pollution monitor Atmotube raising funds at Indiegogo

The device constantly monitors the environment, measuring air pollution and the presence of a wide range of volatile organic compounds and harmful gases.
Aclima expands its deal with Google

Aclima expands its deal with Google to LA, SF and Central Valley regions

Once collected, the air quality data will be processed, analyzed and aggregated by Aclima's data platform, and made available on Google Earth Engine.
Aclima, Google team-up to map outdoor air quality with Street View cars

Aclima, Google team-up to map outdoor air quality with Street View cars

Under the deal, Street View cars will be equipped with Aclima's mobile sensing platform to see the air around us in ways never before possible.