AlerSense monitors the air inside your home to prevent allergy and asthma attacks


Air quality is getting increasingly important to just about everyone. We’ve seen Google teaming-up with Aclima to map outdoor air quality, but what about the air inside of our homes? That’s where devices like the newly unveiled AlerSense come in.

Said product is a smart device that works with a companion mobile app to provide asthma and allergy sufferers with early warning system, with “precious time to remove themselves from, or alter the environment.”

AlerSense delivers precise in-home measurements of airborne contamination and toxins such as pollen, mold, dust, dust mite waste, VOC’s and animal dander. Also, the device will track humidity and temperature to create a holistic air quality assessment.

AlerSense is now up for pre-order for $159 and will ship this spring.The team behind AlerSense wanted to disturb the status quo where allergies and asthma attacks “just happen.”

“We wanted to work on a project that would help people throughout the world understand when contaminants are building in the home so that they can make the appropriate adjustments”, AlerSense founder and CEO Skip Sanzeri said in a statement. “We’ve combined some of the world’s most advanced sensors, with a smart mobile app and extensive software algorithms that will allow users to record allergy and asthma symptoms at the time when they first noticed the symptoms. Our goal is to give consumers enough time to leave or change the environment. And the system gets smarter as it learns each family member’s sensitivities based on user input.”

The companion AlerSense app is available on iPhone and Android, allowing users to input their feelings and behaviors which are then correlated to the environment conditions at that time. From here, smart algorithms — which learn over time — kick in to come up with appropriate suggestions.

AlerSense is now up for pre-order for $159 from the company’s website, with shipping commencing in the spring.

The global allergy diagnostic and treatment market is projected to reach $46.8 billion by 2020, up from $31.5 billion in 2014.