Hyundai Mobis - Smart Cabin Controller

Hyundai Mobis to develop the first integrated vital signs controller for safe driving

The new healthcare tech called Smart Cabin controller can analyze vital signs, such as posture, heart rate, and brainwaves, to help with safe driving.
Verisense Shimmer

Shimmer’s Verisense wearable sensor aims to improve data quality in clinical trials

The Verisense platform provides complete clinical trial sponsor support, requiring a five-minute setup to initiate data collection and participant follow up.
Walmart biometric patent

Walmart looking to monitor your health & stress levels while shopping?

The retail giant aims to use biometric shopping handles to track customers' heart rates, temperatures, and stress levels.
Apple patent camera health data

iPhone to be used as an all-purpose health data tracker?

The filing describes how a camera and built-in sensors can work together to track blood hydration, body fat content, oxygen saturation and other health data.

This device wirelessly tracks walking speed and is more accurate than a wearable device

The wall-mounted system, called WiGait, sends out low amounts of radiation and measures how it reflects off the subject.

Valencell updates its sensor systems for wearables and hearables

Two new Benchmark biometric sensor systems are smaller, more power efficient, and deliver Valencell's market-leading biometric accuracy.
Amwell telehealth app

EarlySense, American Well team-up to provide smart sensor-powered telehealth services

As a result, EarlySense users can access doctors through American Well's consumer telehealth service for help with sleep and overall health.
kyocera sensor

Kyocera unveils miniature optical blood-flow sensor for wearable devices

Potential mHealth applications utilize earbuds and other devices to sense stress levels, help prevent dehydration and avoid altitude sickness.
SpiroCall spirometer

Sensing tool could measure your lung function over phone call

Called SpiroCall, it targets people who have asthma, cystic fibrosis, or other lung disease, and have no way to measure how well their lungs are functioning.
Tractica - smart clothing report

Research: Smart clothing and body sensor shipments to hit 190M through 2021

The firm anticipates that body sensors will represent approximately 70% of the total market, with smart clothing accounting for about 30%.