EarlySense, American Well team-up to provide smart sensor-powered telehealth services

Amwell telehealth app

EarlySense, which makes contact-free continuous monitoring solutions, is teaming-up with telehealth giant – American Well. The partnership will leverage EarlySense’s clinically-proven continuous monitoring and Amwell, American Well’s consumer telehealth service, connecting users with clinical experts at the click of a button.

As a result of this partnership, U.S.-based EarlySense users will gain access to an extensive pool of clinical experts and be able to initiate consultation sessions with doctors practicing on Amwell. The service is available alongside EarlySense’s new home digital health solution, LIVE, which was launched today.

“One of the key attributes of a superior telehealth experience is how informed the physician is about the patient in front of them,” Roy Schoenberg, CEO of American Well, said in a statement. “The ability of new technologies to collect and deliver patient information to the remote physician, during a telehealth consult, will have a dramatic impact on its value to patients. Companies like EarlySense are at the forefront of this evolution.”

EarlySense’s home solution includes a patented sensor that monitors and analyzes more than 50,000 data points every night, including heart rate, breathing patterns, sleep and motion, to provide a precise picture of overall health. Placed under a mattress, the sensor requires no uncomfortable wires or wristbands, enabling accurate monitoring with no change to one’s daily routine.

“[With LIVE] users can connect with health professionals in minutes to receive expert personalized advice,” Avner Halperin, CEO of EarlySense, said in a statement. “This is the next crucial step toward empowering people to take control of their health from the comfort of their home, and also provides a safety net for family members, who are able to remotely monitor their loved ones.”