StartUp Health showcases latest additions to its portfolio

StartUp Health cafe

StartUp Health used a pop-up space in San Francisco to serve as a showcase, temporarily named StartUp Cafe, for its health tech companies. Here, we present you with the latest addition to StartUp Health’s program, covering areas from medical tourism to behavioral health.

Avicennas is trying to crack what it sees as a $100 billion medical tourism market. It has a presence in countries such as Singapore, Turkey, India, Poland and Costa Rica, while its revenues come from clinics through commissions.

CNS Therapy, a University of North Carolina spin-off, provides an electrical stimulation treatment for chronic pain patients called Systolic Extinction Training. The company’s technology seeks to reset the autonomic nervous system in order to address perceived pain, which shows up in scans even without tissue damage.

Dermio has developed a platform for dermatology practices to allow them to conduct online dermatology consults. Patients snap a picture of their rash or skin discoloration, and post it for a dermatologist to review. The company has secured presence in five states.

Ecofusion is developing a disease prevention management app called NewMe, which already has 21,000 customers. The Israeli company is in the process of carrying out four pilot studies of its technology.

EmPower is a consumer wellness company that is developing an app to reward healthy behavior.

FitBliss is targeting the employer wellness space with the idea to track how much exercise employees are doing so companies know how fit their workforce is. One of its partners is Salesforce and FitBliss is part of its app marketplace.

Holiadvice provides the technology for physician practices to set up online clinics with video, communication, appointment booking and billing technology.

Konnarock Healthcare developed a risk management assessment tool that is geared to nurses and their patients. It provides early warning on deteriorating conditions that could lead to costlier care. The solution is designed to function as a care coordination tool to improve handoffs during shift changes, a time when many adverse events can occur.

Uncle Care‘s Heartizi solution targets cardiology and cardiac surgery centers. It provides support for remote patient monitoring for anticoagulation therapy by having patients respond to a series of questions through the app. The goal is to improve adherence through better communication between providers and patients.

Valera Health takes data sets from providers and payers and uses them to identify patients with chronic conditions with a propensity towards behavioral health problems. Its solution assesses how patients feel in a simplified questionnaire through its app and evaluates how active they are, how much they’ve read and slept partly through the use of their smartphone. It also enlists behavioral health coaches who communicate with patients and the rest of the care team.

[Via: MedCityNews]