StartUp Health - Q3 2021 summary

StartUp Health: Digital health Q3 funding hits $9.7B

With $30B+ raised in three quarters, global health innovation funding is poised for 100% YOY growth!
StartUp Health Q3 2020

StartUp Health: Digital health startups attract $6.6B in Q3 2020

It brings 2020's year-to-date funding total to around $16B, more than any previous full year on record.
StartUp Health Q3 2019 funding data

StartUp Health: Year-to-date digital health companies raised $10.4B

Health innovation funding is on track to have its second most-funded year ever with Women's Health and Access to Care Health Moonshots taking the lead in growth.
StartUp Health H1 2019

StartUp Health: Digital health funding keeps pace with last year’s record

A deal slump that started in Q3 of last year, has now increased for the second quarter in a row.
Q1 2019 Digital Health Funding - Rock Health

Rock Health and Startup Health release Q1 digital health funding numbers

The market is seemingly slowing down, but both companies see other reasons to be optimistic about digital health investment.
StartUp Health insights global digital health funding Q3 2018

StartUp Health Q3 2018: Companies raised a record-breaking $4.5B during the quarter

The digital health market is expected to surpass 2017 deal counts, with an increase in the percentage of mid- and late-stage deals.
StartUp Health Festival 2018

StartUp Health raises $31M for its second fund

StartUp Health Transformer Fund II will invest in and support companies around the world focused on health moonshots.
2017 StartUp Health Insights Year-End

StartUp Health: Digital health investment hits $11.5B in 2017

The company has found that Q4 2017 was the largest fourth quarter on record with $2.3B of funding raised across 227 deals.
StartUp Health Q3 figures

StartUp Health: Digital health firms around the world have raised over $2.5B in funding...

With year-to-date funding surpassing $9.0B, all data points to 2017 ending at close to $10B, another record-breaking annual number.
StartUp Health - mid-year 2017 chart

StartUp Health: 2017 could be the best year ever for digital health

The mid-year funding has surpassed the $6 billion mark, with Q2 alone bringing a staggering $3.8B into digital health startups.