FitnessCubed blasts past its $80K funding goal on Kickstarter


A company called FitnessCubed is raising money for its unique office fitness device on Kickstarter. Dubbed Cubii, it’s touted as the world’s first under-desk elliptical trainer that will let workers do their thing, while also being able to lose calories and see their progress on a smartphone.

Once it ships in January 2015, Cubii will be able to power its Bluetooth connection and your phone with your own exercise.The device is made to fight the sitting disease by engaging in “smooth, unconscious leg motions” that burn calories without distracting from daily tasks. This, apparently, is something people were looking for, and the campaign has quickly managed to garner interest (and money), raising almost $100,000 in less than 16 hours. A single unit goes for $299, and there are also discounts for those looking to buy multiple Cubii’s.

What’s more, thanks to the stretch goals reached, Cubii will be greener than previously expected, and will be able to power its Bluetooth connection as well as your phone with your own exercise. Yes, that makes it a real wire-free device.

It is a fact that sedentary office behavior negatively impacts heart health and contributes to the problem of obesity, in addition to causing aches and pains. FitnessCubed thinks Cubii can help solve this problem, and if you agree – you are free to support their campaign.