ZTE joins the wearable market with Grand Band

ZTE Grand Band

The other day we’ve told you about Xiaomi’s super-affordable Mi Band wearable device. Now we have another Chinese company joining the craze; it’s ZTE which newly announced can’t help but remind us on Nike+ FuelBand. Not only does it have a Nike-ish dot-matrix LED screen, but its single button is positioned on the same place (as on the FuelBand). Not sure why ZTE hasn’t put extra thought in the design process; do they want a legal battle with Nike? That doesn’t sound like a viable business move.

ZTE Grand Band has all of the common features, including pedometer, sleep monitor and smart alarm.Anyhow, unlike Xiaomi’s Mi Band, ZTE’s wearable will be more of a premium product, costing north of $100. The device is 14mm thick and has a water-proof body. Moreover, it uses an adjustable snap-on strap that could allow Grand Band owners to easily change straps as they fancy… Presuming ZTE offers these straps, as well.

All of the common features come included with ZTE’s wearable, such as pedometer, sleep monitor and smart alarm. Additionally, the Chinese company will make sure its device can connect to both iOS and Android devices as long as they support Bluetooth 4.0.

The Grand Band will be launched in China next month, and as I’m writing this – we’ve no idea whether it will also “make it” to other markets…

[Via: Engadget]