Interview with DoctorBase’s Dr. Molly Maloof, MD

Dr. Molly Maloof, MD

In our latest interview installment, we’ve cornered DoctorBase’s Dr. Molly Maloof, MD. She’s a tech-savvy physician that makes DoctorBase’s software better serve patients and physicians. This, she says, involves research, communication, product development and business strategy. Dr. Maloof also practices medicine with central focus on prevention of disease and optimization of human health.

So without further ado, here’s what she had to say…

How would you pitch your company? What’s your elevator pitch?

DoctorBase is the number one search engine optimization and marketing platform for physicians that not only enables better patient engagement through a secure portal but also provides a verified ranking system that makes it easy for patients to give feedback on their favorite practices.

What sets you apart from competitors?

Everyone can build something innovative, but few can integrate it into legacy systems – that’s a big problem in healthcare. Our middleware platform integrates to over 27 different EHR and PMS systems across general practice, specialists and even dental practice management systems. So as we build more and more engaging mobile experiences for both patients and providers, we’re able to make it a seamless, integrated process for healthcare organizations.

What’s your business model?

We sell a SaaS platform to medical organizations that want to offer their patients and staff a mobile communications and engagement channel. Our core value is “to make our doctors successful.” We believe healthcare professionals must be better supported – not made the scapegoat of healthcare reform.

Can you share some numbers? How many users do you have?

We have over 15,000 doctors and about 6 million patients on our platform. We are a B2B (not a B2C) company, so most of our traffic happens through our SaaS platform.

Where do you see the company going from here?

I just saw a documentary on Henry Ford and was surprised to learn that he actually didn’t invent the car, he just made it very easy for any American to own and very reliable to maintain.

When we turn “on” a new doctor’s office, suddenly about 2,000 of their patients go “Whoa, my doctor’s office is now mobile.”

We love that, we want to keep growing that. We don’t believe that it should cost tens of millions of dollars to deploy a mobile offering; most doctor’s offices don’t have the IT budget of Kaiser Permanente. We want every American doctor to be able to offer DoctorBase to their patients for a few bucks a day.

Where do you see the mHealth industry going?

As more and more patients become serious mobile health consumers, we will continue to see attempts at better integration of health care delivery through digital health technology. Apple, Samsung and Google have all made serious entries into the mobile health sector. Most have been consumer focused, but we are seeing an entire industry around physician practice optimization emerge. DoctorBase is leading the way.

How long are we from seeing modern mHealth technologies going mainstream?

I think mHealth technologies technically already are mainstream. Millions of people us mobile health apps every day. What I think you are asking is when will we see the mainstream healthcare system catch up to consumer health tech. The answer is soon. What we are now waiting for is for the larger enterprise health technology to catch up. Apple’s foray into the space and their decision to work with major companies like Epic and the Mayo Clinic demonstrates that the tide is turning.