Medable - Michelle Longmire

Interview with Medable’s CEO Dr. Michelle Longmire

The company offers a complete cloud-hosted platform that caters to the healthcare sector's strict compliance and privacy concerns across the globe.
MedPilot Co-Founder and CEO - Jake Myers

Interview with MedPilot’s Co-Founder and CEO – Jake Myers

The company helps healthcare billing departments improve the collection of patient balances, while reducing manual administrative tasks in the revenue cycle.
Michele Mehl

Interview with Excy’s founder and CEO – Michele Mehl

The company's product, Excy, is a portable exercise cycling system that works with a mobile coaching app to deliver actionable data to keep users going.
Scott Sundvor

Interview with Scott Sundvor, CTO and co-founder of 6SensorLabs

The company is developing food transparency technology so that we can know better what is in our food and how it affects our health.
Ashley John Heather

Interview with Ashley John Heather, co-founder of OffTheScale

The company developed what it calls a high intensity intervention platform that is proven to slow, stop and reverse the progress of chronic diseases.
Welltok - Scott Rotermund

Interview with Scott Rotermund, co-founder and chief growth officer at Welltok

The company is developing the healthcare industry's first consumer enterprise platform to guide and incentivize individuals to optimize their health.
Dr. Ben Behnam, MD

Interview with founder of DermCheck Dermatology – Dr. Ben Behnam, MD

The company allows users to have a virtual consultation with a dermatologist right through their phone, saving them time and money.
Faircare - Eric Duprat

Interview with Eric Duprat, co-founder and CEO of Faircare

The company uses technologies like big data to make real medical prices available to every consumer in the US, wherever they live.
VerbalCare - Nick Dougherty

Interview with Nick Dougherty, VerbalCare’s co­founder and General Manager

The company was founded to return voices to the voiceless; its platform aims to unify communication and each step we take is towards that objective.
Will Ahmed

Interview with WHOOP’s founder & CEO – Will Ahmed

The company's system provides athletes and coaches with an understanding of strain and recovery to balance training, reduce injuries and predict performance.