iWatch to be available in three different variants?

iWatch to be available in three different variants?

Another day, another iWatch rumor. This time we’re bringing you the story from Taiwan’s Economic Daily, which claims that Apple’s smart watch will be available in three different variants.

One model will apparently rock a 1.6-inch screen, while two additional variants will have 1.8-inch displays. Moreover, one of these two bigger iWatch models will use sapphire glass; and that will be the most expensive iWatch, no doubts about it.

All three iWatch models will be released in the third quarter?The report goes on to suggest that all three variants will be released in the third quarter, which is even earlier than we expected; last time we’ve heard, Apple was preparing for the launch in October.

Finally, the same source claims that the trio will rely on next generation of touch sensors supplied by TPK. This technology will replace indium tin oxide with silver nanowire ink, which is said to have better conductive properties, enabling Apple to fit its products with sapphire glass without having to add extra sensors. Also worth adding – silver nanowire films are flexible and would thus allow the Cupertino giant to use LG’s flexible OLED displays…

Sounds like Cook & Co. are up for a smashing hit, one which sales figures could hit the 60 million mark. We’ll be watching this space and get back to you as soon as we have something new to add…

[Via: G4Games]