Misfit fitness tracker gets special Coca-Cola branded version

Coca-Cola Red Shine

Makers of the popular fitness tracker Misfit have teamed-up with Coca-Cola to launch a special version of the device to celebrate 4th of July.

The newly unveiled Coca-Cola Red Shine comes in the exact red hue that you’ve come to know and love. The band is black though, and the price is set at $99.99.

If you want to further emphasize your Americanness, you can go for the Star Spangled Set, which adds a special white sports band and a new navy blue t-shirt to the mix. This combo could be yours for $119.99.

Unlike some other fitness trackers, the Misfit Shine doesn’t require charging, relying on a replaceable battery, instead. In addition, it doesn’t have to be worn on one’s wrist, and can be accessorized with everything from the magnetic clasp to beautiful necklaces. Still, that won’t stop it from following your whereabouts, letting you know when to exercise more and when it’s time to get some sleep…