Quantified Care launches online store for mHealth devices, special doctor’s bag to carry these gadgets

Quantified Care Osler Bag

An mHealth startup called Quantified Care has unveiled what it says is a one-stop shop for smartphone-based medical devices. The brainchild of Johns Hopkins, UPenn, Harvard and MIT business and medical students – the store features products from such well-known companies (in the mHealth space, at least) as AliveCor, Biomeme, CellScope, MobiSante, iHealth, Masimo, ThinkLabs, WelchAllyn and Withings.

The Osler Bag which can house all your mHealth gadgets goes for $400, and as part of the deal – you also get $50 in store credit.Alongside the store, Quantified Care is also launching the Osler Bag, which has a look of an old doctor’s bag, while packing a number of pockets and compartments to “fit a modern doctor’s multiple device toting needs.” And to gather some early customers, and media attention we would add, the company is kicking-off a 45-day Indiegogo campaign, offering store credit and the mentioned Osler Bag. Those who opt to support the campaign can get the store credit for less; i.e. $150 gets you $200 in store credit.

The Osler Bag goes for $400 and you also get $50 worth of store credit. Or if you want to immerse yourselves into quantified medicine, you can secure the “full package” for $2,000. That cash gets you the Osler Bag fully loaded with all the devices you need to “get quantified.”

Quantifed Care counts quite a few people in its team and has even managed to attract the attention of many notable figures like US Surgeon General Regina Benjamin, Star Trek’s Sulu George Takei, fitness mogul Richard Simmons, and Sheikha Mozah of Qatar. All said, it seem they’re on track to become an Amazon of mHealth devices. Or something of that sort. Check out their campaign from here.