Samsung, Under Armour to work together on the iWatch killer?

Samsung, Under Armour to work together on the iWatch killer?

If Apple can go to bed with Nike (or that’s the other way round?), Samsung too must find a partner from the world of sports. And they are apparently working with Under Armour as we speak.

Last year, the popular sports equipment maker acquired MapMyFitness so it could contribute much more than shirt-making expertise. Chances are the two companies are working on a device that could *really* compete with the forthcoming iWatch.

As far as we (don’t) know, Urban Armour and Samsung could partner over sensor-powered smart clothing, jointly developed fitness tracker or a full-blown smart watch.It is said that Under Armour CEO Kelvin Plank and Lee Jay-yong, future heir of Samsung Group, have met earlier this month to devise a competitive strategy against Apple and Nike’s joint wearable products, but at the moment it’s anyone’s guess what this duo will come up with.

As far as we (don’t) know, they could partner over sensor-powered smart clothing that could send signals to compatible Samsung gear. Or they may want to create some sort of Under Armour fitness band? Samsung already offers a fitness band of its own (Gear Fit), as well as few smart watches, but with Under Armour on its side, it may reach the wider audience.

When it comes to Apple, it has been hiring left and right to create the “perfect team,” consisting of wearable technology, medical, sports equipment and fashion industry experts. This in turn could allow it to get a big-ger picture and launch a device many would want to buy.

Although the wearable market is a niche, it is set for an exponential growth, eventually hitting $6 billion by 2016. Unsurprisingly, many companies — including major handset makers — are looking at this market for growth.

[Via: PhoneArena]