Apple’s HealthKit trademark covers watches, sensors and medical devices

iWatch concept

In another iWatch rumor, we’re looking at the recent Apple trademark filing for HealthKit in Europe.

We know that HealthKit is the Cupertino company’s platform that gather health-related data from the iPhone, apps and other smart devices. However, in the European trademark filing for the term, Apple also said it covers watches, fitness sensors and medical devices.

The complete list mentions: health, fitness, exercise, and wellness sensors, monitors and displays; medical apparatus and devices… Horological and chronometric instruments; watches; clocks; timepieces; chronographs for use as timepieces; chronometers; watchstraps; watch bands; cases for watches, clocks, and horological and chronometric instruments; parts for watches, clocks, and horological and chronometric instruments; jewelry.

While this doesn’t prove a thing, it does suggest that Apple is making sure it has all the IP needed to ensure the success of its upcoming iWatch. As far as we know, said device will be unveiled either in September or October, with many of the top athletes lining-up to support the launch.

[Via: 9to5mac]