Apple sleep detection patent

Apple patents a connected home concept that track user’s sleeping habits

The patent describes a method to more accurately determine when someone is asleep, using multiple devices (rather than just one device) as sources of data.
Apple patent stretchable fabric activity band

Apple working on a stretchable fabric activity band for Apple Watch?

The Cupertino-based company continues to assess the utility of the Apple Watch band as a location for medical sensors.
Amazon emotion patent

Amazon working on a tech to detect your emotional state

The company is reportedly developing a wrist-worn device that would determine your emotions to make helpful suggestions and sell you products.
Apple patent smell sensor

Apple patents body odor detection tech

Such technology would enable owners of future iPhones and Apple Watches to detect things like spoiled food, body odor and perhaps even blood sugar levels.
Microsoft Surface wearable concept

Microsoft patents a wearable device that could help people with Parkinson’s

The filing describes a device with an array of sensors that would be able to reduce or stabilize involuntary movement in an adjacent joint or entire limb.
Walmart biometric patent

Walmart looking to monitor your health & stress levels while shopping?

The retail giant aims to use biometric shopping handles to track customers' heart rates, temperatures, and stress levels.
Google patents sensing milieu in the bathroom

Google files a patent for a smart bathroom

The filing describes the usage of optical sensors placed in patients' devices or belongings to capture data on individual's cardiovascular function.
Samsung patent for a phone with breathalyzer

Samsung working on a smartphone with a built-in breathalyzer?

The company's patent shows a smartphone with slim microphone extending out of the side that has a gas sensor which could analyze the exhalation.
Apple patent camera health data

iPhone to be used as an all-purpose health data tracker?

The filing describes how a camera and built-in sensors can work together to track blood hydration, body fat content, oxygen saturation and other health data.

Fitbit faces lawsuits over haptic feedback in the U.S. and China

Developer and licensor of touch feedback technology Immersion aims to stop manufacturing and selling of Fitbit devices in the U.S. and China.