Samsung working on a smartphone with a built-in breathalyzer?

Samsung patent for a phone with breathalyzer

Apple is not the only company looking to turn its smartphone into a health monitoring device; its archrival Samsung is thinking between the same lines, with a new patent filing depicting a handset with breathalyzer capabilities.

Published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in July 2017 and originally filed in June of last year, the patent shows a smartphone with slim microphone extending out of the side; this microphone also apparently has a gas sensor that “analyzes the exhalation” — which could serve to detect the estimated blood alcohol content (BAC) of a user.

Samsung is also considering placing the breath sensor inside a “moving body” such as a “stylus pen,” meaning that we could see it in some future Galaxy Note phablet, a smartphone that is almost as big as a tablet.

Next device in the Galaxy Note series is slated to be announced in the near future, and we can only hope the Korean company decides to include this sort of a sensor in it. More to come, obviously…