Cambridge Temperature Concepts secures $4.38 million to add smartphone connectivity to its fertility tracker device


UK-based Cambridge Temperature Concepts has managed to raise £2.6 million ($4.38 million) in a round led by Longwall Venture Partners, bringing the total capital raised to around $9 million.

The company’s flagship product, DuoFertility, is a stick-on sensor and handheld reader device that helps women conceive by tracking specific biometrics like temperature. The device comes as part the DuoFertility service that is available in three different “flavors”: lite, premium and deluxe. The cheapest option costs $79 per month plus $385 for the device, the premium involves a one-time fee of $795, while deluxe tops at $1,299.

Women using the service get an alert up to six days before ovulation and receive an initial review by fertility experts. Also included in the deal are home pregnancy test kits, ongoing support from a personal fertility coach, and feedback after each fertility cycle.

Cambridge Temperature Concepts will use the funds to expand product sales in the US and develop the next iteration of the DuoFertility tracker, that will include smartphone connectivity and the ability to measure more metrics such as sleep analysis.

[Via: MobiHealthNews]