Health Wildcatters unveils its 2014 class

Health Wildcatters 2014

Dallas-based Health Wildcatter’s accelerator program announced its 2014 class, consisting of 12 innovative startups that provide “a cross-section of innovation that spans from pharma and medical devices to software and mobile apps.”

According to Dr. Hubert Zajicek, executive director and co-founder of Health Wildcatters, “these passionate entrepreneurs are tackling major issues in medicine today, and we are extremely excited to play a part in making them successful.”

Companies selected for this year’s program include:

  • BreathalEyes – Developed a mobile system that tests intoxication levels via involuntary pupil fluctuations called nystagmus.
  • Carevature Medical North America – Produces a platform of surgical drills designed to be used in body parts that are difficult to reach, such as spine and joints.
  • Coordi-Care’s – Software that minimizes the amount of time doctors spend on menial tasks, while capturing valuable information to improve operational efficiencies.
  • Easy Eye – Provides a simple process for consumers to quickly customize reading glasses with the correct strengths for each eye, eliminating the overwhelming selection process.
  • Fittter – Produces software that allows fitness clubs to better engage with clients, personalize training guidance and reduce operational overhead.
  • INRFOOD – A nutrition platform that alerts, assesses and advises users on the nutrients they consume vs. what they need.
  • Lantern Pharma – Focuses on cancer drug development. One promising compound, LP-184 offers hope for a more effective treatment for advanced multi-drug resistant cancers of the prostate.
  • Orb Health – Automatically syncs health data from the doctor to a patient’s wearable device so that the patient can more readily act on it.
  • Platform Orthopedic Solutions – Relying on 3D-scanning technologies and proprietary anatomical modeling software, the software can enable digital manufacturing of custom orthotics and orthopedic support devices.
  • Purewine – This company has developed a product based on nano-filtration technology which removes the headache-causing agents from wine, such as sulfite preservatives and histamines, while keeping the taste.
  • Sintact Medical Systems – Invented a film which reduces surgical adhesions by forming a film barrier between surfaces in the body.
  • Silicone Arts Laboratories – Makes a synthetic skin product to conceal deep scars and wrinkles.

Health Wildcatters is a mentor-driven health care accelerator focused on improving the quality of health care and saving lives through technology. The graduating class of 2013 has gone on to raise more than $5 million since last year.

[Via: BizJournals]