UpTop’s Move Your App reminds users to get up and move

UpTop's Move Your App reminds users to get up and move

In the battle against a sedentary lifestyle, mobile users are loading their smartphones with fitness apps that help track goals and stay abreast of health issues. Others, like UpTop’s Move Your App, provide motivation by simply reminding users to get up and move; it’s that easy.

Available as a free download, the application allows users to program alarms to remind them to get up and move as well as designate a specific block of time for activity. If a user isn’t active during the designated time, Move Your App reminds them to get up and get active. And at the end of the day, the app allows users to measure and compare their active time with time spent sitting.

“Research increasingly shows that a sedentary lifestyle is incredibly unhealthy,” said UpTop CEO John Sloat. “Move Your App is a simple iPhone app that reminds you to get up and move, then tracks your movements so you can compare your active time versus how much you sit.”

Fitness apps are experiencing unprecedented growth in number and popularity. Currently more than 30,000 fitness apps are available for download and consumers are responding in droves.