AliveCor’s iOS app updated to auto detect atrial fibrillation in an ECG recording

AliveCor's iOS app updated to auto detect atrial fibrillation in an ECG recording

AliveCor updated its mobile AliveECG mobile app, which provides patients with free real-time atrial fibrillation (AF) detection and ECG recordings using its new FDA-cleared algorithm. The new application helps patients and physicians manage existing conditions, track medication intake and ongoing symptoms to get a better picture of their health status. Moreover, there are advanced search features and enhanced graphical trends that provide a more comprehensive and reliable view of a patient’s overall health.

The AliveECG app and the AliveCor Heart Monitor can be used to capture ECGs anytime, anywhere with no time limit unlike traditional heart monitors, which have a maximum recording window of 30 days. The device along with the accompanying app enables patients to log their symptoms, activities and medications, and work together with the physicians to determine the cause of symptoms in a simple and affordable manner.

“The new AliveECG app makes significant strides in providing both patients and caregivers mobile health technology with clinical quality ECGs and analysis to improve heart health,” said Euan Thomson, president and CEO at AliveCor.

The updated application is available for iOS users only, with an Android version coming in October. The AliveCor Heart Monitor is compatible with all iOS and most Android mobile devices.