Epson unveils GPS watches and activity trackers

Epson unveils GPS watches and activity trackers

Epson is the latest company to enter the wearables market with new GPS/smart watches and activity trackers.

Epson Runsense smart watches

The Runsense range consists of four products – SF-310, SF-510, SF-710 and SF-810. The first three will be available for purchase in the next few days, whereas the SF-810 will do so in November.

The Runsense SF-310, SF-510 and SF-710 will be available in the next few days, while the SF-810 won’t hit the stores before November.The last watch to hit the market is also the best; it goes beyond basic step tracking, and includes a built-in optical heart rate sensor. The integrated GPS can track the run to deliver a map readout after every exercise along with 35 other measures such as speed, pace, distance, laps, calories burned and more. The SF-810 is also water resistant up to five atmospheres and features a vibration alert, and indoor mode for fitness tracking while in the gym.

The watch connects to the free Run Connect app which will allow users to see data on their phones and adjust settings.

The SF-310 comes without the stride sensor, vibrating motor and indoor mode, and will thus sell for just £150 (in the UK). In comparison, the SF-810 will go for £300.

Epson Pulsense activity trackers

Smart watches aside, Epson also unveiled a pair of activity trackers, PS-100 and PS-500, both of which integrate optical sensors for reading heart rate.

Both Pulsense PS-100 and PS-500 integrate optical sensors for reading heart rate, and can sing along the Pulsense View app.Singing along the Pulsense View app, these two devices will monitor users’ sleep, step count and other fitness activities.

The PS-100 features a basic LED display while the PS-500 comes with a full LCD screen, though both will last 36 hours on a single charge, while being able to memorize up to 480 hours of exercise data.

The Epson Pulsense PS-100 will be £130 in black or turquoise while the PS-500 will go for £170 and shipping only in black.

[Via: Pocket-lint]