HTC scraps its wearables plans; Huawei smart watch coming next year

smart watch

With pretty much every major handset maker launching its smart watch, one would think HTC is also eyeing this market. And at one point, rumors across the Interwebs suggested the Taiwanese company is preparing to launch a device that could be known as One Watch.

We may see the first Huawei smart watch launching at either CES in Las Vegas or MWC in Barcelona.Alas, a new report coming from Pocket-Lint suggests that won’t happen any time soon, with HTC scrapping those plans, and opting to wait and see where the market goes from here and eventually take action at a later date.

Meanwhile, users are able to choose between a number of devices made by the likes of Samsung, LG, Asus and Sony, all of which have recently announced their new smart watches.

Another major company currently avoiding the wearables space is Huawei. However, the Chinese giant is looking to change that at some point next year, Engadget is reporting. It’s unclear how far they’ve progressed and whether will see the Ascend Watch — or however it ends up being called — at CES in Las Vegas or Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Chances are Huawei will first want to see what Apple comes up with and act accordingly.

In recent month, Huawei indicated that it wants to leave the low-end of the market and focus on more premium products. In that sense, it used the just ended IFA show in Germany to unveil its very first metal-clad devices, Ascend Mate 7 and Ascend G7, as well as a special version of the Ascend P7 smartphone adorned with virtually indestructible sapphire glass display. So any smart watch they launch will likely be catered towards those not looking to get a cheap smart watch, but something better. We’ll see how that goes…