Launchpad Digital Health unveils the first five companies it has funded

Launchpad Digital Health

Launchpad Digital Health announced that it has funded its first five companies, which are now launching their products.

“We are pleased that all of our companies received additional outside funding, and several of these are closing substantial institutional co-investors alongside us,” said Fred Toney, co-founder and CEO of Launchpad Digital Health.

The first group of Launchpad companies which will be co-located in San Francisco for the next year, includes:

Founded by Kouris Kalligas, AddApp provides users with personalized insights to help them be at their best, everyday. AddApp’s data-driven approach finds relationships in data users already track from different sensors and apps. Users have data – AddApp got insights.

Brainchild of Dave Vockell, Lyfechannel builds mobile programs for patients new to chronic diseases, bridging the gap between doctor instruction and patient action. Programs in diabetes, pre-diabetes, COPD, smoking cessation and heart health, each help patients build core habits in physical activity, diet and drug adherence. The company re-imagines proven patient programs for the 3-5 minute attention windows of the mobile phone user, creating greater patient engagement required for better health outcomes. Current customers include pharmaceutical companies, EHRs and the U.S. Dept. of HHS.

Medable is a SaaS (software as a service) that allows companies, providers and payers to make digital health applications truly “medical grade.” The platform supports patient engagement clinical applications, storing personal health information and complying with HIPAA and other regulations. It was co-founded by Michelle Longmire, M.D.; Tim Smith; James Sas; and Trevor Goss.

This service allows doctors to fill openings in their schedule in less than a minute. Using text messaging, offices alert selected patients of an open appointment with the press of a button, saving valuable time and dramatically shortening the patient wait — the first patient to respond has the appointment. QueueDr was founded by Patrick Randolph.
The “virtual nurse” provides personalized monitoring and follow-up care, with a strong focus on chronic diseases. combines avatar-based technology and advanced sensors to generate actionable, real-time data and intelligent analytics. This in turn enables better, timelier healthcare decisions, empowering clinical practices to scale and succeed in the midst of healthcare reform, declining reimbursements and technology disruption. The company was co-founded by Adam Odessky; and Ivana Schnur, M.D., Ph.D.

Launchpad Digital Health will soon begin accepting business plan applications for its next class of companies in the digital health sector; applications will be accepted through year-end 2014.