Sleepio app now available for iPhone

Sleepio app now available for iPhone

Big Health announced that its sleep improvement app Sleepio is now available from Apple’s App Store.

Available as a free download, the application includes the company’s Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) sleep improvement program, which comes presented by the virtual sleep expert The Prof. Said program is apparently proven to work, and will help users make changes necessary to overcome even long term poor sleep.

Sleepio helps the person to think and behave differently in relation to their sleep, in such a way that normal good sleep can return.According to Prof. Colin Espie (University of Oxford), world sleep expert and creator of Sleepio, this is the “most effective, long-term solution for poor sleep,” which addresses both the mental and the behavioral parts of the individual’s sleep pattern. This happens by helping the person to think and behave differently in relation to their sleep, in such a way that normal good sleep can return. “Sleepio is a clinically proven digital sleep improvement program that uses proven CBT techniques to help users with persistent sleep problems,” Colin added.

Aside from working “all-alone,” Sleepio can also tune into Jawbone UP and Android Wear devices to pull in users’ sleep data, and automatically personalize the [sleep improvement] program to one’s unique problems and progress (or their lack off).

What’s more, The Prof will there to guide users achieve their goals, delivering bite-sized help through the “Help Me Now” feature. Whether you’re having a tough morning or you’re struggling to get to sleep at night, The Prof will be there to help you get back on track.

The sleep improvement market is huge with a number of tech companies offering different solutions to tackle sleep problems. There are device makers like Hello (Sense) and Beddit, as well as a number of app makers (i.e. Sleep as Android) that monitor one’s sleep and provide advice.

Despite this fierce competition, Big Health has managed to attract investors to its way of helping people to sleep more; in April, the company announced a $3.3 million Series A round of funding. Going forward, we expect to see Sleepio coming to Android, and add support for more activity trackers…