Almond Systems closes $9M in Series A from CRV and Matrix Partners

Almond Systems

Almond Systems announced that it has recently closed a $9 million Series A round of financing with two VCs, CRV and Matrix Partners.

The company is on a mission to help people make sensible and healthy food decisions, with specific focus to extract and propagate a clear, personalized signal from all the noise that surrounds users about food choices, diets, nutritional data and ever-changing medical advice/counter-advice.

Almond Systems’ service will tailor recommendations to suit personal dietary needs, serving an array of different user groups whether they are paleo or vegan, Kosher or Halal, allergic to nuts or gluten, or simply want to “eat healthy”. The offering is rooted in data and analytics on one end, and community on the other.

In its endeavor to make the world make healthier food decision, Almond faces a stiff competition from nutritionists, to chefs, to behavioral scientists to food bloggers, as well as those who eat the food and want to tell friends and the world about it.

Right now there, their service is in the early phase of development, and there’s a long road ahead. The Almond team is comprised of serial entrepreneur who have already created and shipped products on a large scale. Founders Jon Altschuler, Ravi Chittari and Eswar Priyadarshan have successfully done this more than a few times in their collective careers, and have even managed to sell their prior venture, Quattro Wireless, to Apple.

So yes, these guys seem up for the task and we’re sure this isn’t the last time we’re talking about Almost Systems on mHealth Spot…