A third of online consumers would use a health data aggregator to save money

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As respectable brands like Apple, Samsung and Google field health and fitness data aggregators, users are considering giving away their health data to these companies to better manage their health. According to Decision Resources Group’s findings, 30% of online consumers would be interested in using such a service, and 37% would consider doing so if it saved them money. However, nearly two in five (39%) of the survey respondents cited confidence in the security of their health data as a factor.

When it comes to wearable devices, although the percentage of online consumers using these products for health and fitness is still in the single digits, nearly one-third (32%) expressed interest in using them to improve health.

Nearly one-third (32%) of online consumers expressed interest in using a wearable to improve health.“With the proliferation of connected devices and trackers, patients are amassing personal health data like never before, and healthcare providers are under pressure to start incorporating that data into patient care,” said Rory Stanton, Digital Analyst at Decision Resources Group. “While data security remains a concern for patients, they are willing to share data if it moves the needle on improving their health.”

Companies getting into the health data aggregation game will need to make collection across systems seamless and easy to share with healthcare providers, Stanton added. “As patient generated data begins to influence clinical decisions, this digital health footprint promises personalized and relevant insights that will enable physicians to transform patient care.”