CareSync raises $4.5M in Series A financing


CareSync secured $4.5 million in Series A round from Tullis Health Investors, Clearwell Group, CDH Solutions, and the company’s founder & CEO, Travis Bond.

The funds will allow CareSync to scale operations to meet increased demand; the company is looking to expand its reach, invest in additional sales and marketing resources, and increase investment in its care coordination platform.

“We began with a vision to create a patient-centered health platform that would empower individuals to own all of their data and collaborate with others to better manage their health,” said Travis Bond, CareSync Founder and CEO. “Three years later, we have realized that goal of connecting people around a single source of health information, and plan to use this financing to quickly expand our national reach.”

CareSync’s care coordination platform makes it easy for patients and their entire care team to better coordinate care and adhere to care plans. The company has members in all 50 states, and in other countries around the globe.