GOQii Life reward-based fitness tracker launches on Amazon India

GOQii Life reward-based fitness tracker launches on Amazon India

India’s wearable tech company GOQii has launched its fitness tracker / personal coaching service GOQii Life exclusively on Amazon India. The device starts at INR 3,999 (US$65), allowing users to get access to fitness and behavioral experts as well as personal trainers who will interact with them one-on-one. The fitness tracker syncs with iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

“At GOQii, we are passionate about providing our consumer all the support needed to stimulate their body, mind and soul and to achieve a permanent shift to a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle,” said Vishal Gondal, founder and CEO of GOQii Inc.

What makes GOQii different from many other fitness trackers is its built-in reward system that allows users to cash in steps into a virtual currency called “Karma points” that can then be donated to a social cause.

Basic fitness and sleep tracking is not enough for a majority of users, hence we’ve seen few reward-based services popping up. One of them is Dubai-based Tupelo Mymo which lets users earn rewards like mobile talk time, groceries, airline miles, and vacations. Another company that will offer something similar is gaming hardware maker Razer; their Nabu smartband will allow users to convert their number of steps walked, calories burnt, and hours slept recorded by the device into in-game rewards. Gamification and rewards-based systems are the next steps in the fitness tracking evolution, prompting even those who don’t exercise often to do so.

[Via: TechInAsia]