iHealth Edge fitness tracker now available in the U.S.

iHealth Edge fitness tracker

The iHealth Edge wearable is now available in the U.S., iHealth Lab has announced.

Ergonomically designed, the Edge is an activity and sleep tracker, capable of keeping up with one’s steps, distance and sleep efficiency. It comes with a touchscreen of its own, providing users with their activity summaries (time, distance, steps and calories) and workout progress, without requiring them to look to their phones.

iHealth Edge is also a water-proof device, up to 50 meters, and can thus be used to for tracking one’s swimming sessions, in addition to walking, running and cycling. The device can either be worn on a wrist or clipped around the waste; it will automatically detect the type of activity, rest time and sleep mode included.

All the data is transferred to an accompanying mobile app, iHealth MyVitals 2.0, which is available on iOS and Android devices. Said application will graph information on an easy-to-grasp charts, while enabling data collection from other iHealth devices to provide users with that much better image of their well-being.

The iHealth Edge is available now for $69.99.