Next IT unveils virtual health assistant for chronic disease patients

Alme Health Coach

Next IT is launching Alme Health Coach, to make chronic disease management easier. The service includes a human-emulated virtual health assistant that guides patients during their time between doctor visits, providing coaching and tracking capabilities to keep them on the right track with their health management plan.

Alme Health Coach becomes personalized for each patient and can be configured for specific diseases, medications and treatments to make for an effortless experience. This approach, Next IT claims, should tackle non-adherence to treatment plans and prescription drug regimens. Furthermore, improved communication gives doctors and caregivers a deeper understanding of why a patient is not following their treatment plan, helping remove barriers to adherence.

“The cost of medication non-adherence in this country for chronic diseases is $317 billion per year. We believe it’s possible to drive down that number aggressively,” said Fred Brown, Next IT Founder and CEO. “Through an intelligent product proven to change human behavior, Alme Health Coach will help patients with their treatment plans, improving adherence and overall wellness.”

Each virtual health assistant built on Alme is designed to address a specific chronic disease, but the product will kick off with two of the most complex conditions, hemophilia and multiple sclerosis. These two conditions require intricate treatment plans that patients often find difficult to follow correctly.

Feature wise, Alme Health Coach includes the earlier mentioned human-emulated virtual health assistant, health management plan interface, patient activation, motivational mentoring, medication and symptom coaching, tracking and reporting; disease state knowledge; and global knowledge architecture.