Lenovo SW-B100 smartband caught at the FCC

Lenovo SW-B100 smartband caught at the FCC

The earlier leaked Lenovo SW-B100 smartband has been caught at the FCC website, and from all the details provided, we get to concluded that the official launch is imminent.

The FCC listing includes a bunch of SW-B100 photos as well as its user manual. From what we can tell, this will be a rather basic fitness band that will be able to track one’s activity (or their lack off), sleep and heart rate. Moreover, it will beam select notifications and alerts from a smartphone to your wrist, but don’t expect wonders here; said display is very small and can’t hold that much information.

The user manual claims that Lenovo’s band can work for up to 7 days on a single charge, and will sing along with Android, Windows and iOS smartphones.

It is still unclear when Lenovo will announce the SW-B100 and we can only hope this will be a short wait. Considering that the documentation is in English, we would think it will also be available in the Western hemisphere, though you never know – perhaps it ends up as China-only band, after all. Price is a mystery, though.

[Via: AndroidPolice]