Microsoft’s upcoming wearable device gets the FCC certification

Microsoft smart watch

Microsoft is planning to join the wearables market, perhaps as early as next month. The previously rumored Microsoft smart watch, or that’s a smart band, has been caught at the FCC while getting the necessary regulatory approval to be sold in the U.S.

The FCC filing for the “Mobile Wireless Device” is everything but revealing, and we don’t have a single image to share. Instead, what we have is the sketch from the earlier Microsoft patent for the wearable device that may or may not look like the final product.

From what we know, the Redmond-based company is preparing to launch a device that is similar in appearance and functionality to Samsung’s Gear Fit, sporting a small screen to display the things it currently tracks (like running, walking and cycling), along with notifications on incoming calls and texts. It is said that the wearable will work both with Microsoft’s own Windows Phone as well as two of the leading mobile platforms, iOS and Android.

Pricing and exact launch date are still a mystery, but since the FCC hurdle is out of the way, chances are we’ll see the first Microsoft modern wearable getting officially announced in the next few days or weeks. Common senses tells us they’ll want to benefit from the increased sales during the Christmas shopping season; the fact that the Apple Watch won’t hit the stores until early 2015 could also play an important role in timing the launch. More to come, obviously.

[Via: WindowsPhoneDaily]