clinical trial

Microsoft’s bot aims to match patients to clinical trials

The Clinical Trials Bot lets patients and doctors search for studies related to a disease and then answer a succession of text questions.
Microsoft Band

Microsoft kills the Band and Health Dashboard

The story ends on May 31 when web-connected services won't work any more; Band owners will still be able to track their fitness activities, though.
Microsoft Surface wearable concept

Microsoft patents a wearable device that could help people with Parkinson’s

The filing describes a device with an array of sensors that would be able to reduce or stabilize involuntary movement in an adjacent joint or entire limb.
Seeing AI

Microsoft’s new iPhone app describes the world to the visually impaired

Called Seeing AI, it uses computer vision which is built inside the app to deliver results in a fraction of a second.
Validic ecosystem

Microsoft HealthVault Insights integrates with Validic for access to patient health data

As a key backend component, Validic powers the ability for patients to connect their in-home medical devices and wearables to HealthVault Insights.
Microsoft HoloLens BioBall

Cigna to use Microsoft HoloLens to make health screenings fun

A new, fast-paced interactive game called BioBall will be used to help players learn their blood pressure and body mass index (BMI).
Microsoft AI Chatbot

Microsoft, UPMC team-up to improve healthcare delivery with technology

The collaboration includes health chatbot and population health tools to empower patients and providers, and efforts to advance UPMC's immunology research.
Color Binoculars

Microsoft’s new app helps the colorblind get around colors

Called Color Binoculars, it uses filters and the iPhone's camera to see the differences between colors, if not the colors themselves.
MS Research with the machine learning prototype in Cambridge

Microsoft, Novartis working on a Kinect-based MS assessment tool

The system is designed to deliver more objective measurements, while also enabling patients to perform these tests from their homes.
Microsoft Band activity reminder

Microsoft Band 2 gets activity reminder, music controls

There's also the new, slightly revamped exercise tile, which should make it easier to track calorie burn, heart rate and the duration of an exercise.