Microsoft HealthVault Insights integrates with Validic for access to patient health data

Validic ecosystem

Validic will enable Microsoft HealthVault Insights, a research-based project designed to transform patient engagement by generating new insights about patient health, to connect to as many as 400 clinical and consumer devices, the company has announced ahead of the Microsoft Build 2017 conference.

As a key backend component, Validic powers the ability for patients to connect their in-home medical devices and wearables to HealthVault Insights. The data from these devices will then provide contextual information into a patient’s lifestyle, activities, and health data.

Microsoft on its end will push all the data through its extensive machine learning technology, to provide patients with trends and correlations to improve the management of their general wellness and to help them live well with certain chronic conditions. Correspondingly, the clinician can remotely view the patient’s adherence and engagement with a provider-defined care program to track the patient’s progress and health data.

For patients, the active engagement in the day-to-day management of their health drives personal responsibility for outcomes. For providers, on the other hand, this functionality supports delivery of care on a continuum by providing additional visibility into their patients’ health and their wellness habits through an easy to use platform.

“We are working to bring together critical data sources with machine learning to deliver personalized, actionable insights to both patients and clinicians,” Heather Jordan Cartwright, General Manager, Artificial Intelligence and Research at Microsoft, said in a statement. “Validic provides a core data channel for HealthVault Insights — enabling device data connectivity to hundreds of devices. This collaboration helps us continue to build a seamless experience for the patient while providing unique insights to the care team.”