Heal health records integration

House call doctor service Heal adds support for Apple’s Health Records

Heal unifies data from house calls with existing medical records through Health Records on iPhone to provide a more contextualized form of care.
Zocdoc iPhone app

Zocdoc announces integration with Allscripts

The integration will improve real-time booking for patients through Zocdoc while allowing offices to enjoy synced schedules and appointment information.
Validic ecosystem

Microsoft HealthVault Insights integrates with Validic for access to patient health data

As a key backend component, Validic powers the ability for patients to connect their in-home medical devices and wearables to HealthVault Insights.

Validic integrates with Salesforce CRM and HealthCloud

The company provides a Salesforce Connect package which provides the ability to deliver patient records that display natively in the Salesforce interface.

Pager to incorporate PokitDok’s healthcare price tool into its platform

PokitDok's Eligibility solution will allow Pager nurses to verify insurance, check co-insurance, copay, and deductible amounts on behalf of patients.

TigerText integrates with SalesForce and Box, launches TigerConnect for Startups

Salesforce customers will soon be able to embed the TigerText messaging service in their Health Cloud portals, empowering HIPAA-compliant conversations.

Your.MD personal health assistant now accessible from Slack and Telegram

The idea, according to the company, is to make it easier for users to access digitalized healthcare assistance with tools they already use.
Azumio Argus app

Argus integrates with Human API to allow import of data from other devices and...

Users can now share and unify health information generated outside the Argus app, including food diaries, fitness activities, sleep, heart rate and more.
HealthSuite digital platform

Philips to integrate health data from third-party devices with the help of Validic

Collaboration enables the integration of health data into Philips cloud-based HealthSuite digital platform to power connected health solutions and services.
Apple Health

Big Los Angeles hospital integrates with Apple’s Health Kit

Cedars-Sinai Medical Center's decision to use HealthKit data marks the largest integration yet for Apple's foray into the health industry.