House call doctor service Heal adds support for Apple’s Health Records

Heal health records integration

The mobile-enabled, in-house call service Heal has added support for Health Records on iPhone, which brings together hospitals, clinics and the existing Apple Health app to make it easy for patients to see their available medical data from multiple providers whenever they choose.

With the Heal app, the experience of sharing existing medical records with house call doctors is that much easier. After a Heal patient books their first house call, they have the option to share their Health Records with their Heal doctor. Once the patient grants permission, key parts of their health history is made available in the Heal OnCall iPad app, which is the interface of the Heal app used by Heal doctors. The patient’s health records are not stored in the OnCall app and remain secure on Heal’s HIPAA compliant, fully encrypted servers.

“A doctor in the home sees data about a person’s environment and lifestyle that simply isn’t accessible within the walls of the hospital,” Dr. Renee Dua, Chief Medical Officer and co-founder of Heal, said in a statement. “The invaluable insights a Heal doctor gains from the home, combined with liberated data, means we can provide an unprecedented level of care that is more precise than ever before.”

To date, Heal has delivered over 80,000 house calls and helped its patients and customers realize more than $55 million in savings. The comprehensive house call model by vetted, licensed physicians has reduced ER visits for its patients by 71 percent and identified 16,000 previously undiagnosed chronic conditions.