Mousera raises $8.8M to improve pre-clinical R&D for the pharmaceuticals


Healthcare startup Mousera has recently raised $8.8 million from nine investors, according to a Form D filing on the SEC’s website.

The company — which says it’s interested in “accelerating medical advancement by bringing 21st century technology into living systems research” — was co-founded by Joe Betts-Lacroix and Timothy Robertson. Betts-Lacroix, which serves as a CTO, has a background in biotechnology, electronics and biochemistry. On the other hand, Robertson, the CEO, was formerly vice president of product applications at Proteus Digital Health, and will continue to serve as an adviser to the company.

Mousera is looking to update pre-clinical research and development for the pharmaceutical industry using modern technologies such as big data, algorithms and sensors so drugs can be discovered faster. Unfortunately though, the company doesn’t plan to release specific information about what it’s up until early next year.

According to Robertson, only 8 percent of drugs in human trials get approved. “There are huge financial implications for that,” he said.

Mousera has raised about $10 million to date.

[Via: MedCityNews]