Pivotal unveils its $12/year fitness band

Pivotal Life Tracker 1

Seattle-based Pivotal Corporation is launching the membership-driven Pivotal Living app and corresponding Life Tracker 1 wristband. What makes this offering unique is different business model the company is relying on. Instead of selling the band for $50 or $100 — like other companies in this market do — Pivotal will offer the device on a subscription basis for just $12 per year.

The same amount of money could get you the Xiaomi Mi Band but that device isn’t available in the West. Compared with other fitness trackers though, you get an exceptional value for money.

Life Tracker 1 is one of the few bands on the market with an OLED screenMoreover the Life Tracker 1 is one of the few bands on the market with an OLED screen, which clearly displays calories burned, steps, distance, percentage of step goal, time of day, and activity or sleep mode.

“We didn’t set out to bring just another product offering to the wearables market,” states David Donovick, co-founder and CEO for Pivotal Corporation. “With the development of Pivotal Living, we set out to change the marketplace entirely.”

The band itself is described as “beautifully and intuitively designed,” without “complicated blinking dots or constant need to access your mobile phone for a progress update.” It works with an accompanying Pivotal Living app on iOS and Android devices to track calories, steps, distance, daily activity time, percentage met of daily goals, sleep length and quality, hydration and weight. I don’t expect it to be as comprehensive as apps made by Fitbit and Jawbone, but it will “get the job done.” There’s no word whether it will sync with Apple’s HealthKit platform, though.

The Pivotal Living app and wristband are available for purchase online at PivotalLiving.com and if purchased before December 10, the company guarantees shipping prior to the holidays.